Community Service

Documenting Community Service Hours

Community Service Agreement & Reporting Form  Use this form to document all of your community service hours. Bring your completed form(s) to Mrs. Black in her office in 3-162A.

Remember to use a separate form for each organization for which you are volunteering. We recommend you retain a copy for your records. As an important consideration, we ask that you do not wait until your senior year to turn in all of your hours. Ideally, you should be turning in your hours to us twice a year (at the very least once every year). It is important that you turn in your hours on a regular basis because we track your hours and sometimes scholarships become available that ask us to seek out students who have completed community service hours. So if, for example, you completed 200 hours at MOSI over the summer, there is no way for us to know this until you turn in your forms.

Community Service Defined

Community service is an altruistic, uncompensated volunteer effort that benefits the community and/or special populations. The document below is a guideline for Pasco County students. If you have questions, please contact your counselor or Mrs. Black.

Community Service Information

Community Service Ideas & Opportunities

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay

Habitat for Humanity


Pasco County Community Service Opportunities

Pasco County Libraries

United Way of Pasco County

Bright Futures

To find out the number of hours required for each award, please refer to the Bright Futures Eligibility Chart, located here.