Senate Bill 1076 Clarifications and Resources

Due to the complexity of the SB 1076 and recent changes in graduation requirement, the Florida Department of Education has communicated several technical assistant papers (TAP) to help guide districts in making policies and procedures that comply with statute.

Parent Letter
Signed by Superintendent Browning, this letter is designed to provide an overview of the changes to graduation requirements. It includes charts addressing the traditional 24 credit graduation requirements organized by 9th grade cohorts.
Access the letter in English by clicking HERE.
Access the letter in Spanish by clicking HERE.

EOC Requirement Tables
Click HERE to download these charts, which help make clear the EOC testing requirements and impact for each 9th grade cohort.

Graduation Requirement Tables
Click HERE to download these charts, which are organized by 9th grade cohorts and include the following tables per cohort.
• Traditional 24 credit graduation requirements (the same charts found in the Parent Letter)
• ACCEL 18 credit graduation requirements
• Scholar and Merit Designation requirements

Be aware that current seniors are eligible for both of these designations.

District Graduation Requirement webpage
On this webpage, you will find all of the documents listed above along with podcasts organized by 9th grade cohort that address each of the charts.
This video podcast provides an overview of the changes is also available and may be a good place to have your parents/students start (the video podcast will also be posted to the Insync webpage).

Links to related information are also provided at the district webpage which can be found in the right-hand navigation pane of the CIS/OTL webpage. It can also be accessed via a “Graduation Requirements” link in the “Student” dropdown header menu and through a “Graduation Requirements” link found in the footer of the district and SLHS website.

As always, the administrative and guidance teams are available should you have any questions or concerns.