Students are expected to be in the classroom at the start of each class period when the bell rings.  Any student entering the classroom after the bell has rung will use a QR Code to enter his/her name into the school-wide tardy list.  Tardies will be tracked cumulatively each quarter  and not class period by class period.  In other words, students could progress through the sequential consequences within one day if they choose to be tardy to more than one class. Students will have the opportunity for a fresh start each quarter and the school-wide tardy list will be reset on the first day of each quarter.

If a student is tardy without a pass from a staff member, the following sequential consequences will be issued:

1st Tardy- Student’s name is entered on the school-wide tardy list

2nd Tardy- Call Home

3rd Tardy- 1 Day Lunch Detail (10 minute time period)

4th Tardy- 1 Day ISS Lunch Table

5th Tardy- Referral for tardies

**A referral will be issued for all additional tardies**

Excessive Tardies & Absences: Students with excessive absences or tardies due to illness may require a doctor’s note.  Parents of these students will be notified if such an action should become necessary.  Excessive tardies will necessitate a conference, which will result in a written behavior plan.