In order to take the CNA Exam this summer, students in the Nursing Assistant 3 course will need to come to school on May 19 to register online. Please use the form below to select an appointment time. Students will also need to provide photo id.

Following CDC guidelines, students will register in groups of 10 in the computer lab. Students must bring masks and gloves which they will wear on campus. The computers will be sanitized in between sessions. In order to comply with these guidelines, students cannot be late for their scheduled appointment time.

During the registration, students will create an ID and password and supply their email address. This information will be used by Prometrics to communicate directly with the students about scheduling them for their test at a testing center. Students will be required to provide personal information such as health history, criminal history if any, as well as drug use information, which is normal when obtaining a license as a health worker in Florida. At the end of the application students must attest that the information they have provided is true and provide an electronic signature.

The registration should take no longer than 30-40 minutes. Students will be escorted in groups of 10 to the computer lab for each scheduled appointment.

Registration Form