SLHS Student Schedule Change Request Form 2021-2022

SLHS Student Schedule Change Request Form 2021-2022

Thank you for visiting this page to submit a schedule change request. It is important that you carefully read the following reasons a schedule change request may be submitted and provide the necessary information for proper consideration.

Schedule changes will only be considered for the following reasons:

1. Student is scheduled in a course he/she has previously passed.

2. Student is scheduled into a class that has a prerequisite that has not been completed.

3. Student is a senior and needs a class to meet graduation requirement including APEX.

Please complete this form to communicate the above reason and the changes for consideration of your 2021-2022 schedule. Be advised that we are unable to guarantee that the change will be approved, but your request will be reviewed. Please keep in mind, that most schedule changes have a major effect on the rest of the schedule since many classes are only offered certain periods.

According the the District Student Progression Plan, all students must have a minimum of 6 courses each semester so make sure the the courses you want to drop and the courses you want to add match the same amount of semester or year-long time.

Also, due to the State Class Size Amendment and this year’s master schedule restrictions, students may not receive one or more of their requested courses despite our best efforts.

NOTE: Online courses on- or off-campus may be chosen in place of SLHS courses; however, parents are expected to monitor student progress and students must adhere to the following:
• Students and parents must sign and return the Online Course Placeholder Agreement Form.
• Students should have daily home access to a computer with Internet and an active email account.
• Students may be dropped from one or more online classes if work is not submitted regularly, resulting in failure grades and missing credits that may need to be made up outside of the regular school day.

NOTE: We are unable to fulfill requests for specific teachers, class periods, and/or lunch.