There will be NO face-to-face classes on the PHSC campus in the Fall.  There are three options students may choose from:

  • 1. Traditional online courses – these would follow the same protocols PHSC has always had in place for online learning
  • 2. Remote Learning – these courses would be taught in a synchronous online learning manner in that students would still have to report to class during the specified times (as listed in the course calendar), learning would be online meeting with the professor and other classmates during the designated time, with the course assignments being completed by the students in the same way they would have been in a face-to-face setting.
  • 3. Remote Hybrid – this option has students doing half their work in the traditional online manner with the other half of the learning being in synchronous online learning platform with the teacher and other classmates.
  • *** Science courses that include a Lab– These courses will be much smaller than usual as students must be able to access the lab to complete the lab components.  One half of the students will be face-to-face on the campus on day one of the Lab class, with the other students participating in a synchronous virtual platform.  On day two of the Lab class, the students will “switch,” with the students who participated in the synchronous virtual platform on day one being in the lab and those who had been in the lab on day one participating in a synchronous virtual platform.  This pattern will repeat throughout the semester.

Click here to access the PHSC Academic Reentry Plan. Please contact Tonia Shook with questions.