The school wide PSAT will be held on October 25 for all sophomores who have not opted out and juniors and freshmen who have paid to participate.
Parents, please see the Parent Letter below for more information:
Here is information test takers need to know for test day:
  • All testing will start at the beginning of the school day (7:10). If you arrive late to campus, you will not be admitted to the testing room. 
  • Most testing rooms will be finished by 11:20 am.
    • Students with A or B lunch will go to B lunch.
    • Students with C or D lunch will go to 5th period.
  • Students in extended time rooms will go to D lunch when the room has finished testing. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring snacks/drinks for the short breaks. Snacks can be eaten outside of the testing room but students must stay in the supervised building.
  • Students will need to BRING AN APPROVED CALCULATOR for the Math section. Please click the link for a list of approved calculators. Calculator Information Link
  • The roster with room assignments has been posted in myLearning.

Students who wish to gather more information about the test and access practice items may access the PSAT Student Guide digitally. Printed copies of the Student Guide can be picked up in the Student Center.