Applying for College

Applying for College

State University System (Florida Specific)

This process can be very overwhelming and students often wonder where to start. I am hoping this brief explaination will help you get started and make the process manageable.

There are 4 (four) components to applying to college.

  1. Complete Your Application – All applications are now available online through each institution. If you are having a hard time locating it from the university home screen, look for a button or tab labeled “Undergraduate Admissions”. This should take you to the page for prospective freshman students.

**Note: If you are a dual enrollment kiddo you will still apply as a freshman. The college, upon admissions and orientation, will change your status.


  1. Pay Your Application Fee– I know this sounds really silly and seems to be obvious, however, many students save their application and come back to do this at a later date. DON’T DO THIS! It could end up being the 1 thing you forget to do and the colleges will not even look at your application until this step is completed.


  1. Send Your Test Scores-To send scores, simply visit the ACT or SAT website and click on the tab “Send Test Scores.” Select the test you wish to send and pay the fee. (Yes, everything costs money…welcome to college lifeJ) If you wish to save money when sending your test scores, request your scores to be sent when signing up for your assessment. Both companies allow you to send your test scores to 4 universities for free if you do it while registering for your ACT or SAT. Take advantage.


  1. Send Your Transcripts– Your transcript contain your academic history of all high school classes taken (including the HS classes you took in middle school). There are Official Transcripts and Unofficial Transcripts. What is the difference between the two? Official transcripts are sent electronically (from our school’s registrar, Mrs. Garcia, in Guidance) OR are to be delivered in a SEALED envelope. Once this envelope is opened, the transcript now becomes UNOFFICIAL. If the college you are applying for is a public university, in-state, these transcripts can be sent electronically. If you are applying to a private school or an out-of-state school, these transcripts must be sent through US Mail.