School FAQs

New to Sunlake High School?

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and corresponding answers .

If my child does not take honors or advanced classes will they still be eligible/disadvantaged to attend a University? 

  • Each university determines their own criteria and have their own perspective on advanced and honors classes. Generally, a transcript that includes more advanced/honors classes is more desirable/appealing to colleges and university.

How many credits does my child need to graduate?

  • This varies, depending on your child’s (when they began 9th grade for the first time) cohort.  Please click here to access information regarding your child’s specific cohort.

What GPA does my child need to graduate?

  • Cumulative 2.0

How does the OJT (on the job training) program work and will this hurt my child’s chances of going to a university?

  • The OJT program offers the student an opportunity to get high school credits for hours worked.  The student has to work 5 hours per week for each credit.  To be in the OJT program a student must have taken or will take the ‘Introduction to Information Technology’ class.  A student has to have a job, a valid driver’s license, and transportation and be either a junior or senior when taking the OJT class.  There are students that take one class and some students have taken up to 3 classes of OJT.  Students will need to speak with their counselor and discuss their schedule and how OJT will fit. Each university takes a different perspective on the transcripts they evaluate depending on the program.

What GPA does my child need to participate in sports?

  • Cumulative 2.0 GPA

How many hours of homework should my child expect to receive from Sunlake each evening?

  • The specific amount of homework will depend on the teacher and the course.  It is always recommended that students practice the skills they are learning in class after hours to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

How many online classes does my child need to graduate?

  • Beginning with the class of 2015 all students need to complete one online course to graduate from high school.  ‘Drivers Education’ is currently an option for this requirement.

Does my child need to pass FCAT to graduate from high school?

  • Each cohort has a unique set of requirements in order to graduate from high. Please click here to access information regarding your child’s specific cohort.

Do you offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) program?

  • SLHS does not offer an IB program but we do offer many dual enrollment (DE) and advanced placement  (AP) courses.  This allows for flexibility in designing a unique course of study for each student.

Do all universities accept dual enrollment classes?

  • The DE classes at SLHS are designed in conjunction with either PHSC or Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Those intuitions convey the college credit upon successful completion of the course.  Each university has unique agreements as to what credits they will accept.  Please check with your university to determine how they receive PHSC and ERAU credits.

How to set up a parent/teacher conference?

  • A parent/teacher conference can be set up by calling the guidance office by calling 813-346-1035

How do I email my child’s teachers?

  • Emails for teacher can be found via eSembler.  Please log into that system to email the teacher.

How do I find out information on course registration for my child?

  • Early each spring semester, high schools determine what courses they will offer for prospective students. Students are made aware of these course offerings via events and presentations at curriculum night, middle school visits, as well as course descriptions are posted on our school web site.  Mid spring semester, students declare specifically, which courses they are interested in as well as alternate courses they would consider.  The numbers of students who sign up for each course determines which courses and how many sections will be offered.  Over the summer, the individual schedules are created for students based on their requests.  Preference is given to upper classman when seats are limited.  Individual schedules are available for pickup shortly before the fall semester on the designated registration days.

What are the summer assignments?

  • Summer assignments can be found on our school website under ‘Summer‘.

What kind of clubs does SLHS offer?

  • Please click here for a list of clubs.  If the club is not there, please contact our assistant principal, Mr. Brady.

How does my child try-out for a sport?

  • Each sport and individual coach advertises sports tryouts and sign ups.  Please watch the SLHS website for dates of try-outs and info sessions.  Links to specific sports can be found under Athletics on the main school website. Click here for a list of coaches by sports.

Where do I get information for college signings for athletes?

  • When student athletes sign with an individual college, the individual college will often coordinate with the athletic director to schedule an event to commemorate this signing.  Please contact the individual coaches regarding this process.

What kind of standardized tests does my child take during the school year?

  • There are various, standardized and school-wide tests that occur within the normal cycle of the school year.  Details for each test are posted on the school web site under ‘Calendar’.

Why is my student marked absent if he/she was in the clinic, guidance or testing?

  • Teachers are asked to mark students absent if they are not physically in the classroom to ensure accuracy of records.  If a student was in a different place or location at that time, the attendance office corrects the attendance records after the fact.  If you have individual concerns, please contact the attendance office

Why is my child in Intensive Reading?

  • Students are scheduled for intensive reading services based on the district and state literacy plan.  Placement within one of the various levels of services is based on a variety of data sources, including standardized test results.

How long does a student have to make up assignments?

  • An excused absence allows the student to make up work at full credit.  Following an excused absence, a student will have two school days to request make-up work. Teachers must provide appropriate assignments within one week and allow the student a minimum of one school day per each day of absence to complete the work.

Why does my child have a bad grade?

  • The best answer to this question can be answered by corresponding with your child’s individual teacher.  In general, grades are based on successful and timely completion of assignments, projects and tests.  If a student is not consistently present and actively engaged each time the class is in session, this can have a negative impact on their grade.

Does my child need a foreign language class to graduate?

  • No. A foreign language is not required to graduate from a Florida high school. Certain 4 year universities do have a foreign language requirement for entrance. Please check with the university of your choice to ascertain their requirements.

How do you set up a time to come and talk to a guidance counselor?

  • Students and parents wishing to speak with a guidance counselor need to stop by guidance and request an appointment.

If your child had bad grades in a previous year and wants to raise his/her GPA next year, how can that be done?

  • Students should make an appointment with their guidance counselor to craft an individual game plan to help them achieve their goals.

How do I find out what school supplies I need for my child who will  be a freshman this year. 

  • Currently supply lists are published by individual teachers on their syllabus.

How can my child earn cords for graduation?

  • Individual clubs/organizations, honor societies and programs recognize students with cords at graduation. Check with the sponsor of the organization in regards to the procedure for cords. We are in the process of establishing a comprehensive list of graduation cords.

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