Dual Enrollment

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About Dual Enrollment

Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) offers college classes to qualified high school students in Pasco County at no cost to the student. These courses allow students to earn college credits while simultaneously earning credits towards their high school diploma. Dual enrollment course grades are recorded on the student’s high school transcript as well as his or her permanent college transcript. Students must be willing to put forth their best efforts in dual enrollment courses since the resulting grades can impact acceptance to a state university as well financial aid eligibility.

Transferring Credits

According to FLDOE’s Dual Enrollment F.A.Q., “Postsecondary courses taken through dual enrollment will transfer to any Florida public college or university offering that statewide course number and must be treated as though taken at the receiving institution. However, if students do not, upon high school graduation, attend the same college or university where they earned the dual enrollment credit, the application of transfer credit to general education, prerequisite and degree programs may vary at the receiving institution if the course is not offered by the receiving institution.” Private and out‐of‐state colleges and universities may or may not grant college credit for courses taken through dual enrollment.



At least a 3.0 cumulative unweighted GPA and qualifying test scores on the P.E.R.T., SAT, or ACT

Student Testing and Placement Chart 2018-2019


How to Apply

First Time Dual Enrollment Students Only:

1. First time dual enrollment students need to complete the PHSC Dual Enrollment application (see “Step 1” on PHSC’s website): https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll/charter-public

2. Request an appointment with your school counselor if you need to take the P.E.R.T. Your counselor will provide you with a signed copy of your GPA. After completing the dual enrollment application, you will bring your signed GPA and a valid photo ID to PHSC’s testing center. You will receive your score report before leaving the testing center. Bring that report to your counselor or email him or her a copy. You can also use SAT or ACT scores in place of P.E.R.T. To register for SAT or ACT, go to each of their respective websites.

3. Complete “Step 3” on PHSC’s website: https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll/charter-public


All Dual Enrollment Students:

1. Complete the Fall 2019 Dual Enrollment Online Registration worksheet. Be sure to adhere to the deadlines on the worksheet.

If you are only taking dual enrollment English next year, write ENC 1101 under “PHSC Course #”, write “English Composition 1” under “Course Title”, and add a checkmark under “High School Campus”.

If you are requesting classes at PHSC, you need to search for classes on PHSC’s website: https://info.phsc.edu/course-schedule
Be sure to select “Fall 2019: Full 16 Weeks”. Include at least 3 alternates. Indicate on the worksheet if the class will be taken online or on PHSC’s campus.

Please note that students who are taking an online course for the first time must complete the online readiness courses through Canvas. PHSC has also implemented a Canvas course that is basically a Dual Enrollment orientation. All students must complete this. If it is not completed prior to the Spring Term, a hold will be placed on their registration.

2. Request an appointment with your school counselor and bring your worksheet with you.

3. Proceed to “Step 4” on PHSC’s website: https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll/charter-public

4. Register for classes through WISE during the dates/times listed on the worksheet you completed earlier: https://slhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/wp-content/uploads/slhs/2019/05/Fall-2019-Dual-Enrollment-Online-Registration.pdf

5. Make sure you completed all steps on PHSC’s site: https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll/charter-public


Parents and Guardians:

You should have received an email from PHSC. If you didn’t receive one, check your junk/spam folder and ask your student which email address he or she entered for you. Your student will not be permitted to continue with the registration process until you complete your part.


Academic Advisor

Sophia Fluellen
Pasco-Hernando State College
2727 Mansfield Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL, 33543


College Planning Resources

2018-2019 PHSC General Education Requirements – Useful for selecting dual enrollment courses

2018-2019 SUS Matrix – Admissions statistics and student profiles for Florida’s public universities

University of Florida planning guide for high school students

University of South Florida eight semester plans – View course requirements for majors/concentrations at USF

FloridaShines – College and career planning

PHSC Credit-By-Exam Equivalencies Chart

Pasco County Schools Dual Enrollment Information Page


Test Prep

P.E.R.T. Study Guide

Reading, Writing, Math Prep Course


Dual Enrollment Textbooks

Click here for information on Spring Textbook Drop Off and Summer Textbook Pick-up. Stay tuned for Fall 2019.

• Students must return their Spring Term textbooks on the dates specified on the flyer before new books can be picked up.
• Students must bring their Summer Term schedule to textbook pick-up to verify the courses in which they are enrolled before books will be distributed.
• If a student receives a voucher for any or all of their textbooks it must be used within 30 days of the published PHSC “drop date”.
• Textbooks must be returned to the locations listed on the flyer.