All students in the grade level will attend an honor roll awards ceremony.  Below you will find the schedule.  This is a student’s only event.  No families are allowed.  Families will be invited to an evening event for semester awards after semester 1 and 2.

  • 2nd Period:  11th Grade (Awards Start at 8:15am)
  • 3rd Period:  12th Grade (Awards Start at 9:10am)
  • 5th Period:  10th Grade  (Awards Start at 11:50am)
  • 6th  Period:  9th  Grade  (Awards Start at 12:45pm)

Awards for one of the following Honor Roll:  (Prepared By Administration)

*Straight A Honor Roll
*A/B Honor Roll
*3.2 Honor Roll

In addition to the certificates, students will receive a voucher for a sweet treat that will be distributed on 10/31!