Student Parking Information 2023-2024


  • Parking is ONLY permitted for Juniors and Seniors
  • Students must complete the online registration form with a valid license, registration, and proof of insurance
  • Students must have a 2.0 GPA to park in the student lot.
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA and all six periods on campus to park in the front lot
  • Students must agree to abide by all parking rules and regulations as denoted in the student parking contract
  • Completion of “Safe Behind the Wheel” or other approved safe driving course
  • $40 payment completed by cash, card, or check


  • July 1: Parking application opens online
  • August 1: Parking application closes; wait list opens online
  • August 4: Pick-up assigned parking tag in the student center
  • August 5: Senior painting day from 8 am – 3 pm
  • August 10: First day of school! Parking application re-opens 


  • All required items must be submitted to the online application by August 1
  • The application will re-open on August 10 for students that did not meet the deadline
  • Students may choose a preferred parking zone; students will not be able to choose a parking stall number
  • All parking assignments will be available in myStudent
  • Students must use their assigned parking spot; students may not trade parking tags 
  • Violations of the parking contract will result in the following: 1) Letter of warning, 2) Discipline Referral, 3) Revocation of parking tag
  • Revoked parking tags are not eligible for a refund